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Where should a Rite of Passage be held?

A Rite of Passage is a ceremony to initiate your son into manhood. It’s meant to be a moment that he can look back on as he gets older and say “that was the moment that I became a man.” It involves not only the boy’s father, but 3 to 5 other male role models that your son looks up to as well.

Ideally, the location of the Rite of Passage is one that the boy has never been to before. It is best if the boy does not have any preconceived notions or memories of it. Becoming a man is venturing into new territory for him, and the location of the ROP should reflect this. It is good to get out of the boy’s hometown and away from his regular routines, because it allows him to reflect on his life without the distractions of everyday life.

Getting out into nature is a good recommendation when choosing a location. Getting out of the city, whether it’s going to a lake, forest, mountain, beach or river, can help us all become more aware of God’s presence.

Of course, you can do a Rite of Passage in the boy’s hometown, if necessary. If it is not practical to get away, then you can do it somewhere locally. Actually holding a Rite of Passage is way more important than finding perfect location.

When selecting a venue for the weekend, there are many different factors that need to be considered. The travel time for each man attending, the number of beds, and a common area large enough to seat the whole group are a few. Typically, we have found that a house or a cabin is an ideal venue for a Rite of Passage.

Fire plays an important role in the weekend. Our personal experience has been that finding a place with a wood fireplace or stove is generally the limiting factor— it can be difficult finding a rental that allows you to have a real wood fire these days.

Are you thinking about going camping for your son’s Rite of Passage weekend? If so, check out our blog post here.


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