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STEP 5: Email #5
Thank You

The last step in planning a Rite of Passage is to say “thank you” to your team.  Pulling off a successful ROP weekend is no small task, and each man's presence at the weekend is an investment in your son’s future.  Saying ‘thank you’ is the least that you can do.

***Note:  You can also include a personal story from the weekend, a comment that the boy made about the weekend, or any changes that you may have already seen in your son's behaviour, to make this email unique to your ROP experience.

The text below is a sample email for you to copy and send to your group.  Please feel free to edit as you see fit.

To: All men who attended the ROP weekend


When: 1 to 2 weeks after the ROP weekend


Subject: [Boy’s name]’s rite of passage weekend - Thank You


Dear [blank],


I wanted to send out a final follow up email to you to say thank you again for participating in [boy’s name]’s rite of passage event.  Personally, I found it to be deeply moving, and a ton of fun! I am confident that [boy’s name] felt very loved, and I believe he will look back on the weekend with fond memories.  I could not imagine doing this with any other group of men besides you.  Thank you so much.




[Your name]

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