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Should we go camping for my son’s Rite of Passage weekend?

Many fathers think that camping is a good idea for a Rite of Passage weekend, because it seems like a natural fit for a guy’s weekend. Being outside. Fire. Cooking on a grille. What could be wrong with that?

Based on our experience though, we do NOT recommend going camping for a Rite of Passage.

Simply put, there are too many responsibilities and chores to do while camping; chores like setting up tents, dealing with the weather, and managing wild animals. While there is nothing wrong with camping in general, during a Rite of Passage these additional tasks will take away from the deep conversations that need to occur. We have had dads who went camping on their son’s ROP weekend, and they really regretted it for these exact reasons.

Having a house or cabin eliminates some of these variables. With a house or cabin, your responsibilities will only be cooking, cleaning after meals, and tidying up before you leave. Don’t get us wrong, our family loves to go camping and we aren’t afraid to sleep on the ground, but we have found that for a Rite of Passage, camping can be a big distraction from the true purpose of the weekend.


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