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Why Male Mentorship is so Important Boys

If the society of the future is ever going to have good men, then today’s boys need to have strong male role models. Fathers play a unique role in developing the men of the future because dad is a boy's primary male role model. In the eyes of his son, dad is the first and most important example of what it means to be a man. Because fathers play such an important role in the lives of their sons, it is vital that fathers show their sons how to be good men.

How can a father show his son how to be a good man? By being one himself. The best teachers lead not with their words, but with their actions. So if you want your son to do something, then first you need to do it yourself.

If you want your son to always be honest, then always be honest.

If you want your son to have a strong work ethic, then work hard.

If you want your son to take care of himself physically, then take care of yourself physically.

If you want your son to be respectful towards his parents, then be respectful towards your parents.

If you want your son to have a healthy marriage, then have a healthy marriage with your wife.

If you want your son to have a strong relationship with God, then have a strong relationship with God.

Many fathers believe that they have little - or no - control over their sons. They falsely believe that their son’s peer group and popular culture has a bigger influence on his son than he does, and that his son will just “figure it out” on his own.


Every boy craves a deep,meaningful connection with his father. Contrary to what you might believe, your relationship to your son means a lot to him. Your son would rather be “cool” in the eyes of his father than he would in the eyes of some other twelve year old kid that he goes to school with.

True, just because you do something, it does not guarantee that he will emulate you. Your son is not a carbon-copy of you. All teenage boys are going to have to learn some things out for themselves; the “hard way”, as it is called. That’s just a part of life.

But there is also a lot of truth in the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Your son is likely to grow up to be a lot like the person that you are - so make sure that you are being a good role model for him. If you make it clear what your standards are, he will be challenged to rise to the occasion. It is amazing what our children can do if we give them healthy boundaries, just the right amount of tenderness, and clear reasoning.

They can move mountains.

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